Skekle Coyiki


Skekle Coyiki

Shelkath Jedi 2/Scoundrel 1

Size: Medium Speed ft. 6 Swim: 4ft

Init +7 Senses :

Languages: Shelkath ,basic, sherywook

Force Points: 6 Destiny: 3 Darkside Points: 3

Hp :45

Defenses: Fort +15, Ref +15, Will +17

Offensive: Melee : Light Saber: 4 2d8 +5
Kinetic Light Saber: +6 2D8
Ranged: Blaster Pistol: +2 3d8/2d6 + 1

STATISTICS: Abilities Str 15 (2), Dex 11 (0), Con 12 (1), Int 15( +2), Wis 17 (3), Cha 18 (+4)

Base Atk + 2 +(1) dmg 1/2 level

Feats: Force Sensitivity. Weapon Prof (Lightsabers, Simple Weapons, Pistols), Force Training(2), Skill Training (persuasion)

Skills : Use The Force: 10, Perception:19. Knowledge(bureaucracy) 8, Initiative6
Persuasion + 10

Combat Gear: Light Saber, Blaster Pistol, Vibro Trident, Mace, Dark Side Lightsaber

Other Gear: Bowie Knife with belt, 1 ration, small strong metal chain, camping gear, helmet with communicator

Money:500 credits

Encumbrance: 112.5 kg

Stuff to sell: Lots of cargo(50,000). Mace. Trident. helmet with communicator

SPECIAL ABILITIES:Breath Underwater- Can breath underwater
Expert Swimmer- Reroll swim check. Can always take a 10 on swim checks.

Able healer- When a Shelkath heals another or aids in a heal the target gets an additional 5 hitpoints. Additional the Shelkath can grant an adjacent ally 10+his level in temporary hit points that last until the end of the encounter.

Dark Side savant- 1/encounter re add dark side power to power suite for free
Knack : Once a day reroll any skill check. Take the higher roll.

Force Powers:
Battle Strike: Core rule book pg.104.
Force Lightning- Core rule book pg.105
Vital Transfer- Core rule Book pg.108.
Move Object(2)- Core rule book pg.106
Negate Energy-Core rule book pg.107 -Reactionary
Kinetic Combat -KOTOR pg.52
Ballistackineses-Legacy Era pg.53


Skekle was born to a high class Kolto crop owning family who over many generations made their fortune over the production of Kolto. When Kolto production went into decline over the regulated restrictions brought on by the republic, Skekle’s family owned processing company “Kolto Vital” was hit with multiple unjust fines and lawsuits which forced his family to close down Kolto production and lose most of their income. Now Skekle has nothing but revenge on his mind, fully believing that corrupt pharmaceutical corporations with deep ties to the republic where behind the entire decline of his planets economy. Now Skekle plans to abuse his force powers and training to take over the largest bacta producers Melban Corp.

Game Information:
Logbook found with potential blackmail information or information to get us out of the situation. Short Range communicator no signal found.

Skekle Coyiki

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